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Dump Stinky Diapers in Specially-Designed Diaper Pails

New parents soon discover the unpleasant but necessary art of changing diapers. When they do, one question inevitably arises: “Where do we dump these poopy diapers?”


Thankfully, baby diapers do not stink so much in the first 4-6 months of a newborn’s life. This is because babies do not eat solid foods during this time. However, moms and dads can expect a full-on stink-a-torium when solids are introduced into their babies’ diets. To realize the full magnitude of this issue, it is worth noting that babies will go through hundreds of diapers in their first year.



This is where a specially-designed diaper pail can come to the rescue. This product allows parents to dispose of soiled diapers and contain the odor which accompanies them. It is never fun to have a baby in one hand and a dirty diaper in the other, but a diaper pail can make it much less unpleasant.


When choosing a diaper pail, consider these factors:


Odor Control


First and foremost, how well does a diaper pail contain odors? A top-quality pail will leave a room completely odor-free. Its clamping mechanism should keep odors from escaping as a parent places a diaper inside.


Total Cost of Ownership


Getting your money’s worth is always an issue and this is especially true for parents. To determine if a particular diaper pail is a worthwhile investment, consider how much its bags hold and how often they will need to be replaced.


Ease of Diaper Disposal


With a good diaper pail, a parent should be able to dump a dirty diaper without turning away from the baby.


Ease of Changing Bags


A diaper pail should allow fathers and mothers to change bags without unleashing odors from dirty diapers. The best ones have special features that help minimize the smell of their stinky cargo.


Munchkin’s diaper pails have superior odor-controlling capabilities. They use scented pucks and bags created by Arm & Hammer to keep nurseries smelling fresh.


Munchkin also offers universal diaper pail refill bags, compatible with all Diaper Genie pails. In addition to these products, the company sells a variety of metallic and wooden baby gates, with innovative features such as auto-closing doors, floor doors and double-locking handles with easy one-handed operation.


About Munchkin:


Munchkin is recognized by many as the premier baby products company anywhere. Its special creations include ergonomically-designed spoons, baby spoons, pails and refills, gates and much more at competitive prices.


For more information, visit Munchkin.com



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